Tracey Emin’s Bird has Flown!

tracey-emin-bird-1.jpg tracey-emin-bird-2.jpg
And there it was, Gone!

The eagle-eyed Mrs J. spotted that the little bird that Tracey Emin created and unveiled outside Liverpool Cathedral was no longer on its perch.
map2-front-cover.jpgI checked it out this morning and sure enough, the pole is there but no bird. I alerted the Cathedral staff, they were unaware of its disappearance so they are now investigating.
I really hope it has not been stolen, it may have been taken for repair or cleaning but if so then the staff should have been told.

Its really annoying for us too as the new edition of our Liverpool Art Map is being distributed with a picture and details of this work of public art. There may be a lot of people peering through the railings wondering where its gone.

The sculpture, Roman Standard is (or was) in front of the Oratory next to the Anglican Cathedral. It was commissioned by the BBC as part of the art05 festival and is a tribute to the Liver Bird.