The world’s first floating ferris wheel – in Salthouse Dock!

I reckon the Liverpool Boat Show in 2011 will be fantastic but I’m not so sure about the idea of a permanent Big Wheel in the Salthouse Dock. Docks are for boats not fairgrounds and it’ll spoil the look of this ‘historic waterfront’ site in my opinion.

The world’s first floating ferris wheel

Liverpool Boat Show will have the world’s first floating ferris wheel, it has been announced. The wheel will be situated in the Salthouse Dock, adjacent to the Albert Dock, in time for the show in April, 2011.

Visitors will take a boat out to the wheel, which will be anchored in the Dock’s centre.

Bob Prattey, Echo Arena and BT Convention Centre (ACC) chief executive, said: “The floating wheel will be the centre piece of a development for the Boat Show.

“It’s based on oil-rig technology and encapsulates the importance to the city of doing innovative and imaginative things to attract people.”


The city currently has a temporary ferris wheel, 55 feet tall with heated VIP pods, and next to the Albert Dock, but the floating wheel would be a permanent attraction.

It is part of a strategy to turn the historic waterfront into one of Europe’s premier tourist attractions.

Rob Mackenzie, managing director of Marine Industry Events, said: “The floating wheel is the perfect example of how the city’s stakeholders work so well together to deliver assets which will drive the visitor economy. We are delighted with this development.”