The Welcoming at Albert Dock

The Welcoming took place on Saturday afternoon at Albert Dock.

Bluecoat Connect worked with international artist, Humberto Velez on The Welcoming, commissioned by Liverpool Biennial: International 06.
The boat, Glaciere, glided into Albert Dock carrying a group of young people from Refugee Action. The passengers disembarked to a welcome of music, dance and speeches from members of Liverpool’s Chinese, Irish and Congolese communities.

There was good crowd there with plenty of involvement from community groups and children performing all afternoon.


  1. Ian,

    Responding to your call for controversy (and moaners?), I have to say that ‘The Welcoming’ was the worst of the Biennial events I attended over the weekend. While no blame should be attached to the performers themselves, the organisation of the event was appalling and uncordinated.

    I was stood on the Tate side of the small swinging footbridge as the ‘Glaciere’ made its short journey through the dock. It all looked very promising at first. The vessel chugged along slowly and silently and all that could be heard was some African drumbeats. Great! At that location that should set us all thinking. Unfortunately, someone with a clipboard walked along the deck and told the drummer to stop playing as the ‘Glaciere’ approached the swingbridge.

    Then the dragon dancers on the Tate side of the dock started their performance. Great! Again, only to be curtailed by the approach of the Refugee Action marchers who had nowhere to go other than the tiny space occupied by the dragon dancers.

    This ‘performance’ was a mess and goodness knows what people made of it? On paper it sounded like a great idea. I think but for the want of organization it could have been very effective indeed.

    There’s nothing wrong with rehearsal and this might/ should be factored into future public arts ‘performances’!

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for that. Must admit I got there bit late, the bridge was closed to pedestrians and the Lion dancers were performing on the other side. I was rushing around meeting some people and didn’t take it all in.

    The disembarking point is certainly a problem, that point outside the Tate is a bootleneck at the best of times.

    It was at least pertly organised by Bluecoat, I’ll make them aware of your comments


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