The Van Gogh Scam – New Art-Inspired Thriller by Local Writer Roy Munday copyLiverpool based artist turned author, Roy Munday, has just published his first novel which features the artwork of celebrated master Vincent Van Gogh, entitled The Van Gogh Scam.

Roy says: “I have long nourished the ambition of writing a novel, and now with the advent of self-publishing I’m able to fulfil that ambition.”

The novel opens with the slicing off of artist Van Gogh’s ear. Roy explains:

“Several versions of how this came about has fascinated the public, and I’m now offering my version. The incident took place when Van Gogh was living with Paul Gauguin in Arles and has now become part of art mythology.”

The story then moves to the present day, and the introduction of the main character in the book, artist Danny Roberts. Danny’s career is going nowhere. He’s penniless; his wife has walked out on him and he’s scraping a living by teaching art in the Three Elms care home – whose owner is quietly murdering the residents to gain their remaining assets to solve her financial problems.

A group of misguided residents, unaware that they are being quietly killed off, led by ex-conman Alfie Edwards, devise a plan they believe will rescue their home from bankruptcy. When one of the residents produces a photograph of her grandmother taken with the artist Van Gogh, it is suggested that if Danny can fake a long lost Van Gogh painting, it can be used in a sophisticated scam and raise the millions needed to rescue the home.

But first, they have got to steal the original Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers painting from London’s National Gallery to set their plan in motion.

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