The Toxteth Art Gallery on Facebook

The Toxteth Art Gallery on Facebook.
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This is an art group for artists in Liverpool who live and work with art and photography. It represents and promotes artists of Liverpool, works towards thought provoking exhibitions, gathers ideas for exhibiting work in Liverpool and outside the city.
The work can be any medium and a variety of topics although artists who are serious and professional about their work are encouraged. If you would like to meet other artists, work towards exhibitions, exchange ideas and meet other artists in your local area then join this group by contacting and sending a little information about yourself/your work to Alice Lenkiewicz.

” I am quite interested in developing and reflecting on the process of creating artwork. I wanted to start up a group of Liverpool artists who would share their interest in art but also develop further ideas as a group, particularly in terms of the process of making art rather than just aiming for a final result. My intention for the group is to collaborate and share ideas around the process and creative activity of making and researching. This could lead towards online and outside exhibitions or even perhaps something that is just purely written.

I thought this would be interesting and would lead towards something inspiring. I suppose you could see it as a kind of communal interactive diary or sketchbook that leads to something as a whole. This could result in people sparking ideas from eachother but it could also result in group or solo exhibitions that have developed through our ideas. My original idea was to concentrate on the idea of ‘place’ and to see how this develops. It is early days but I think rather than just a message board, I wanted this to be an exchange of ideas and discussions and a place for people to discuss art and their thoughts on their creative process openly to a group of people.

This is a new online gallery found under ‘groups’ presently situated on facebook.If you are interested in joining, please contact Alice Lenkiewicz at

City/Town: Liverpool, United Kingdom


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