The Six Rooms Gallery – Any Umbrellas?


Liverpool Independents Biennial:
The Six Rooms Gallery
Admission free
14 September – 28 November 2010
Supporting Birkenhead Youth Club

The Six Rooms Gallery is a temporary exhibition space which was set up with the intention of extending the 6th Liverpool Biennial across the water to Wirral, as part of the Independents sector.

The idea of exhibiting away from Liverpool, came through monthly networking meetings for visual creative people based in Wirral.  One of the many topics raised during the discussions was the lack of exhibition space in the area. After much searching and negotiations, a temporary lease was secured for 26 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, next door to the busy Capitol restaurant.

With a combination of  established and new, emerging artists and designers, the group will celebrate the notion of bringing new art, craft, design and architecture  together in one space, exploring the ways in which the artists are able to respond to the Biennial’s theme of ‘Touched’, in their own personal way.

The exhibitions aim to connect with the public by having artists on hand to talk about their own work, and free workshops will be run during the exhibition period.

As there are over 30 artists exhibiting in the space, the exhibitions are split into 3 groups, with a private view for each and a guest local celebrity will open each one.

In Group 1, Artist Daniel James wants to show the dichotomy of love, using umbrellas as a metaphor for the protection love gives and takes.
At the Six Rooms Gallery, he intends to comment on Paul McCartney’s  lyrics ‘Can’t buy me love’,  using a floating sky of umbrellas. James believes love should never be a commodity and can never be bought. The artist is asking members of the public to bring along their umbrellas to form part of the exhibition. It does not matter about the condition as ‘love’ is not perfect. He only requests that a label is attached, expressing an experience of love ( be it good or bad) The left umbrellas will then be made into sculptures exhibited within the Six Rooms Gallery courtyard. Above the courtyard will be the floating sky of umbrellas forming the image of love.
Exhibition Dates:

•    Group 1:  14th September – 5th October 2010 ( Guest tbc)
•    Group 2:   8th October -31st October 2010 ( Opened by Ian Jackson, Director of Art in Liverpool )
•    Group 3:   4th November – 28th November 2010 ( Frank Field to open)