The Salon at 11 Wolstenholme Sq

929.JPGLots and lots of artworks by artists from all around the globe are crammed into 2 rooms for The Salon at 11 Wolstenholme Sq. until Sunday 19 Oct.

Artists: Saleh Addonia, Sarah Andrew, Matt Blackler, Jennifer Blake, David Caldwell, Phoebe Cope, Tomas Cyhitski, Rossen Darskalov, Kelly Dearsley, Oliver Dungey, Massimo Franco, Luke Hekate, Bill Howard, Angie Jack, Sayshun Jay, Fred Lindberg, Leigh Niland, Brian O’neil, Simon Ould, Lucy Pawlak, Matt Roberts, Laura Scalabrelli, Amos Shain, Lateefa Spiker, Christoph Steger, Julien Thomasset, Jaime Valtierra, Jessie Wade, Lorna Wadsworth, Amanda Whittle, Adam Williamson, Charlotte Young

925.JPG 918.JPG

We arrived too early, things were still being assembled, you could spend ages here, a feast for the senses, clever projections, strange models, assemblages of found objects, scary etchings and good old drawings and paintings. Hurry – it finishes on Sunday 19th October

Selected by The Projection Gallery and Mission Studios, in association with The Art Organisation and Liverpool Biennial Independents 2008.

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