The New Belve

belvedere-2.jpg jamie-reid-yobs.jpg
belvedere-1.jpgI couldn’t resist taking a pop at this 08 punch-bag when we visited the Belvedere last week. Apparently its the most popular thing there, don’t know why!

The old Belvedere Boys Club on Miles Street, L8 re-opened last year as The Belvedere Community Activity Centre (or New Belve) and although boxing is at its heart the local community can enjoy a wide choice of sporting activities. There’s even a sauna in the changing rooms.

Tom Calderbank who was showing us round wrote an article in Nerve magazine last year giving more details.

In case you are worried that I’ll be turning my attentions away from art towards more violent pastimes I should confess that my main interest is in the fact that there are plans to show a lot more artwork on the walls, possibly regular exhibitions. There are already a few Jamie Reid prints (e.g. ‘God Save Our Yobs’ pic above) donated by the artist. Some by Nina Edge and sporting murals on the outside walls by Alan Murray.

The Belvedere, 89-91 Miles Street, Liverpool L8 4PX.


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