The Negligent Eye: Publication

The Negligent Eye
£8 / special exhibition price (till 15 June) £5

A publication marking The Negligent Eye, a successful collaboration between the Bluecoat and the Royal College of Art, has been released.

The Negligent Eye accompanies the exhibition of the same name currently on show at the Bluecoat until 15 June. It features essays by Bryan Biggs and Sara-Jayne Parsons from the Bluecoat; artist, writer and teacher Chantal Faust; and artist Jo Stockham who is Head of Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, and who has curated the show.

While printmaking has long embraced the digital, there has been an acceleration of interest amongst artists in approaching technology more critically. The Negligent Eye exhibition reflects this increasing experimentation with computers, rapid-form and 3D scanning and digital multiplication, through printed, sculptural, video and mixed media work, as well as earlier artworks using reprographic processes, and archival material.

Stockham observes: “Scanning is riddled with an internal contradiction: is it a close reading or a glance?”

The publication contains installation shots of the exhibition and of individual works, together with notes from the artists who were asked to respond to a set of questions about the relationship of scanning to their practice.

The Negligent Eye publication adds another dimension to the exhibition, contributing further to debates about the proliferation of digital media in our lives.

Artists featured:

Cory Arcangel, Christiane Baumgartner, Thomas Bewick, Jyll Bradley, Maurice Carlin, Helen Chadwick, Susan Collins, Conroy/Sanderson, Nicky Coutts, Elizabeth Gossling, Beatrice Haines, Juneau Projects, Laura Maloney, Bob Matthews, London Fieldworks (with the participation of Gustav Metzger), Marilène Oliver, Flora Parrott, South Atlantic Souvenirs, Imogen Stidworthy, Jo Stockham, Wolfgang Tillmans, Alessa Tinne, Michael Wegerer, Rachel Whiteread, Jane & Louise Wilson

Published by The Bluecoat

Distributor: Cornerhouse

ISBN no: 2101968350621


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