The Long Night of the Biennial

longnight-1.jpgI suppose for all the staff having to work late at the various galleries it was frustrating but for the rest of us this was a really good night. We made it to a few places, all quite busy and a good atmosphere. Lets do it again, maybe on a smaller scale.

Knowing that we’d need plenty of energy for the night ahead we took in some lovely Korean food from the (noodleless) Noodle bar at Static – taking another look around the Ssamzie store as well of course.

A quick drive out to Ceri Hand’s gallery for the Jen Liu exhibition which looks really good though the potato-powered battery was a bit slow to light up this trainer (sneaker).

After parking the car back at home we went onto the Tate just in time to see Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) reading a couple of chapters from his autobiography ‘Ich war ein Roboter’ with a video from his current project sandwiched in between. He described the time that Kraftwerk first performed in Liverpool in 1975, something he’d always dreamt of as a fan of the Beatles and other UK bands. Unfortunately their performance at the Empire coincided with Paul McCartney’s Wings also playing in Liverpool so although Kraftwerk were very popular here the Theatre was far from full.

longnight-3.jpg longnight-4.jpg

Its great being able to walk back from the Albert Dock to the city centre via the new Chavasse Park and Liverpool One, I love it.
Also providing a far more direct route to the Bluecoat via College Lane, The Display Centre and garden, the barbecue and music was still in progress but the poncho-making had finished which was a shame.

So we went onto Red Wire where bands were performing covers of Daniel Johnston songs to coincide with the current exhibition there. This was taking place in the basement and we enjoyed very different performances from ‘A Cup of Tea’ and ‘Man in the Dark’.

Finally, where better to finish off an art crawl than 3345 Parr Street. It was the launch of the excellent exhibition of photographs of Jazz and Blues Legends by Terry Cryer. The band playing at the time was Ernie’s Rhythm Section’

Everywhere we went it was quite busy, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Of course, there’s loads of places we didn’t get to. Its a real shame to miss so much, I think I would rather see more frequent late night events maybe concentrating on one area each time.

longnight-6.jpg longnight-7.jpg