The Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (LUCAS) launch new artist residency

Liverpool artist awarded new arts residency

The Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (LUCAS) has launched its first artist in residence programme. Local artist Jonathon Beaver, who works with embroidery and stop motion animation, has been invited to take the inaugural residency.

Jonathon’s work will explore themes of family and local history, based on genealogical research conducted by University of Liverpool student Beth Grant in archives across Merseyside. The residency will culminate in an exhibition in May 2018 entitled Dream of the Dead, Hear from the Living.

Explaining the theme of the residency, Jonathon said: “The residency starts on the anniversary of the death of my Grandma O’Leary and the title of the exhibition is one of her superstitions. I want this work to explore the family tree and the phrases, habits and memories that disappear from history so easily”. Discussing her research Beth Grant said: “As an archivist in training, I’m enjoying working in local archives to explore Liverpool’s past. Archives can tell us all sorts of unexpected things”.

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James Lowry
Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies