The Liverpool Blogs Blog

Well it was bound to happen someday, I thought about doing it ages ago but Stuart Ian Burns was always the most likely candidate to actually get it done.

So here it is, the blog that lists the Liverpool blogs. Well done Stuart who says..

“Liverpool blogs more and more and the purpose of this site is to provide a focus for the budding blogging community, highlighting our writing and demonstrating that actually, we’re not alone. It was inspired by The Manchizzle which has drawn together bloggers in Manchester.

I’ve attempted to include as many local blogs as I can find, but if you’re not listed or know of something that isn’t here please email and let me know. The only qualification I suppose is that the writer should live within commuting distance of the city centre.

My own blog is called Feeling Listless. I’ve been writing since 2001. Back then I didn’t know if anyone else was posting but over the years that has obviously changed and it seems time to reflect the fact that there are more of us.”