The Learning Revolution Festival 2009 – Events


Adults across Liverpool are being given the opportunity to join in The Learning Revolution Festival, a month-long celebration of everything that’s great about learning for pleasure and the benefits it brings to individuals, families, businesses and communities.

On Saturday 24th October 2009, local residents can take part in an open creative music session led by Eugene Skeef FRSA.
“This is an all-welcome creative music session. In the workshop we will use African percussion, kitchen utensils and found objects to stimulate creative learning through group rhythm, vocal chants, movement and body rhythms.
Bring along a percussion instrument or anything the sound of which you may have accidentally discovered while cooking, stirring a cup of tea or doing the washing up.
Come prepared to be unbridled in your journey of creative exploration.”

Eugene is a highly respect musician and educationalist who, as a young activist co-led a nation-wide literacy campaign teaching in schools, colleges and communities across apartheid South Africa. As well as being at the forefront of the contemporary music scene collaborating with innovative artists, he has also been instrumental in developing the education programmes of some of the major classical orchestras in the United Kingdom. Eugene is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and sits on the board of directors of the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO). He is a judge and member of the advisory committee of the BBC Choir Of The Year.
Throughout October, hundreds of events across England will highlight the wide variety of learning available. The month will give people who already taking part in informal learning a chance to celebrate what they enjoy, and others the opportunity to try something new.

The Government has committed £210 million to support The Learning Revolution, with an additional £20 million Transformation Fund recently awarded to 213 different projects to encourage learning within communities.
To be part of The Learning Revolution Festival, visit, or call 0800 100 900 to find out about more learning opportunities and how learning for pleasure can help you.

Other events in Liverpool include:
The World On Our Shores
– a range of taster workshops in international music and dance at the Bluecoat from 4-7pm on Wednesday 28th October
The Learning Revolution Celebration – Be A Part of It! – a celebration event at Toxteth Town Hall on Friday 30th October from 5-7pm with a range of performances from local music and dance groups and some wonderful international cuisine….