The Free Art Fair Three (London, Oct ’09)

12-18 October 2009

The Free Art Fair will take place for the third and final time in London in 2009. The art fair where all the work is given away at the end will be the biggest best most fun version ever. For once instead of art going to the highest bidder or those who can afford it, someone who really loves an artwork will be able to have it for free. Artists participating will be asked to incorporate the idea of free into their work by making work that they always wanted to make but felt like they couldn’t.

Last year 50 artists gave away art work including Stella Vine, Bob & Roberta Smith, Gavin Turk, Chantal Joffe, Danny Rolph, Harry Pye and many others. People queued for three nights to become free art fair collectors, 2000 catalogues were given away, and thousands of people saw the exhibition. The giveaway was discussed as a counterpoint to the commercialisation of the art world in global publications and was featured live on all the main UK TV channels.

This year’s fair will be the last in London.  The Free Art Fair is made entirely without any budget with everyone giving what they love or do best for free. The location and artists will be confirmed on


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