The Dream sculpture to be illuminated

The Dream sculpture to be illuminated – In The Mix Today – News – Liverpool Echo.

A MERSEYSIDE landmark is set to be bathed in bright light.

The iconic 20 metre-high Dream sculpture in St Helens will be illuminated from next Tuesday following an extensive testing period.

The move is part of a package of improvements at the site on the former Sutton Manor colliery in St Helens.

New footways to improve access, picnic facilities and visitor counting technology have already been upgraded.

The upgrade attracted around 24,000 visitors between February and May this year.


  1. ahhhh – thats what it was – took my 1st trip there 2 weeks ago to find it surrounded by fencing. Isnt this a little strange tho – they kept the trees I thought to prevent accidents from gawping drivers on the M62 – isnt this going to have a similar effect? I for one am looking forward to seeing it tho – its always a visually exciting addition to any drive east.


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