The Bluecoat to re-open on March 15 2008

From Alistair Upton’s Bluecoat blog

The Bluecoat will re-open on March 15 2008.

This is a week before Easter so inside our goal of early ’08 (or by the end of March). It won’t be easy getting it ready by then but the discussions here were that we if we missed Easter we couldn’t open until into April and we needed to be open for the sake of ’08, its visitors and audience as well as for funders, our tenants and ourselves.

We have been working on the day for a while and meeting every week to look at the ‘risks’ that stand in the way of opening. Each week a few more a ticked off and now we feel they can all be overcome. On Monday there was paving on a boat from China, windows still in production and no gas for the kitchen. By tomorrow we will be cooking with gas and the delivery date for the windows will be nailed and the boat docked!