The Beaten Path is Beaten Up!

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Walking up Seel Street the other evening I was saddened to see this artwork by Michelle Jones had been taken down and thrown in a skip. Part of it had been rescued but only to be used by skateboarders.

I went to the unveiling of The Beaten Path last October, it was fixed to the side of a building by St Peters Square opposite Alma De Cuba. So its been there less than a year, the building is being extensively renovated. hence the need to take it down from the wall.


  1. Dear Ian,
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I told my sister, Michelle (the artist) about it this evening, and she is devastated that anyone could do such a thing.
    She recently received a letter from Liverpool City Council, which stated the work could remain in St Peter’s Square until the end of the year. We don’t know who is responsible for destroying and dumping the art.
    Michelle was going to sell ‘THE BEATEN PATH’ to a local buyer to help to pay for her wedding, next year.
    We will let you know if we discover anything, but it’s unlikely we will be able to contact those respoonsible until after the 800th birthday celebrations, this weekend . . .
    Happy Birthday, Liverpool.
    Amanda DeAngeles

  2. Oh, thats awful. Of course I hoped that Michelle had been contacted first and must have agreed to it being dumped, I thought maybe it had been damaged by the weather or something.
    Vandalism isn’t it!

  3. Im totally gutted how such a thing could happen, This piece of art was a celebration of the heritage and history of Liverpool , I personally saw all the work and effort going into this fine piece of art work , How could someone carelessly throw this piece of art in a skip. Capital of Culture what a Joke…. Shell i wish you all the best and hope this gets sorted out!

  4. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. This city’s attitude to the capital of culture, The cutting of music courses at the Liverpool Community College Arts Centre where Wally Brown who is on the committee is the Principal, the matthew street festival and the 800th birthday is all about money spinning and nothing to do with promoting the arts.

    There are some lovely people in this city but they are starting to look like a minority nowadays. It sadddens me more and more to be called a scouser these days as these are no longer rare events, and it seems like tthe maniacs have taken over the asylum.

  5. I am discusted by this, the capital of culture is supposed to be about celebrating the multicultural and artistic views of this city and in preparing for it they have destroyed so much. They have been blinded by the money they hope to gain, it makes me feel ashamed to say i am from this city.

  6. Don’t be too hasty to lay blame on the council or culture company it may just be some ignorant building workers not realising the significance of artwork.

  7. I am disgusted for whomever is responsible for this. The most amazing contempary piece of art this city has seen and it ends up in a skip! Capital of culture…. i dont think so … more like capital of DESTRUCTION! how could anyone do this????. I personally know the artist, the hardwork and dedication that went into this amazing work and how much it meant to a woman whom is so deserving…. Such a talent. To have her dream ripped away from her is nothing more but cruel!
    It will be be deeply missed.

  8. I find it disgusting that someone’s work, that they’ve worked so hard to produce is shown so little respect. Hope something is done to rectify the situation.

  9. I would like to have more faith in this city than someone put the art in a skip but unfortunately that is the harsh uncultured reality of the situation. Instead of building roads where there doesn’t need to be new roads, the money should be spent on the artists/musicians and real culture of Liverpool. I hope the people responsible will help this lady out with her wedding.

  10. This is an outrage! I feel terrible for Michelle as I know how hard she worked on this project. Its mindless vandalism!


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