The AudioVision festival site has launched


The AudioVision festival site has been launched!

Visit to see the full line-up, dates and times for all the events.

There is also a link to view the beginnings of the artists blog – who are creating the urban video installation to be projected onto the Mersey Air Vent. This will be updated weekly as their work and ideas are developed.

Liverpool’s first Audio Visual festival!

15th – 20th September 2008


Visual installations, Live VJ’d Music performances, Artist screenings, visual workshops and an outdoor bike-in theatre.

Monday 15th – 19th September 2008
Mersey Air Vent, Mann Island
8pm – 12am

Specially commissioned projected installation onto the façade of the Mersey Tunnel 1930’s Air Vent (Mann Island), from NOMO (NYC/Sweden) and Jacqueline Passmore (live visual artist for Ladytron & Stereolab) Bringing the insides of the building to the out!