The Artistic Republic of Garston

embassy-2.jpg embassy-3.jpg

embassy-1.jpgOn Saturday November 3 2007 it was the launch of the Artistic Republic of Garston complete with an Embassy (Wellington St school) and Alex Corina doing a good impersonation of Trotsky with his speech about storming the Council chamber and ‘Power to the People’

Alongside Alex was the artist-in-residence Michael Trainor who will be working on a major installation piece.

The building is actually on of the 3 Biennial ‘Pavilions‘ opening during 2008. The other two are at Edge Hill station, Kensington and Rotunda College, Kirkdale. The Garston Pavilion opens fully in May 2008.

The Pavilions will be inspirational and create a sustainable connection between the city centre and the neighbourhoods and act as catalysts for interaction and engagement with the local community. All three sites have been selected as representing a focus for transformation and change for those areas and all three commissions are specific to those areas needs and character.

The involvement of the pavilion designs in the three areas will re-introduce the local residents to existing underused space with which events and cultural exchange for community cohesion will be programmed for throughout 2008. (Part of public art programme, commissioned from Liverpool Biennial by the Liverpool Culture Company)


Meanwhile here in Garston there was a chance for people to go on an open-top bus tour of the area and sign up to be a Garston Ambassador (we did, of course) and there was music and fireworks later on.

A good day for the locals and others.
There are also plans to open more art spaces and artist studios in the area as part of the campaign to regenerate the area as Garston Cultural Village.