Tell me a story

From Alex Wolkowicz and Susie Stubbs…

Tell me a story
(but don’t tell me your name)
Tell me two stories about yourself.
Tell me one story that is true, and one story that isn’t.
I don’t want you to tell me which is which.

Volunteers required for an art project about the people we are, and the people we’d really like to be. Volunteers need to tell two stories and be willing to be interviewed (face to face) about both. Volunteers should be willing to have their photograph taken – the image will be taken in such a way that you remain anonymous. Your stories and portraits will be used to create a new fictional, illustrated story. You don’t have to tell anyone you took part – & we won’t tell. In  return, you’ll receive a signed, limited edition print of your photograph.

The project is being run by the art photographer Alex Wolkowicz and writer Susie Stubbs. We are looking for stories  from ordinary people about their lives: beautiful, mundane, magical, dark, secret, curious, the life changing or the  heart stopping, or about the small moments in everyday life where the ordinary is illuminated. Stories don’t need to be  big or clever; they just need to be about you, and to be believable.

Interviews and photography will take place on  Thursday 14 October, Friday 15 October and Saturday 16 October 2010 in the old Rapid hardware store on Renshaw Street (currently being used by the Biennial).

Do you have something you want to tell us? Tell us your tales and become part of a bigger story.  Visit to find out more.