TAO Liverpool – Metafex

imageMetafex is a meta-conceptual festival running from the 9th to the 23rd of November 2008.
Inspired by Pontifex by Theodore Roszak and the work of Ken Campbell.

Run by The Art Organisation Liverpool and in TAO’s spaces and The Everyman Theatre, highlights include a 2008 minute improvisation, Liverpool Oh Wait! at the Kazimier club in Wolstenholme Square, and a Ken Campbell tribute show at the Everyman Theatre.

Check http://metafex.blogspot.com/ for updates

Here’s what we have so far, and there are bound to be plenty of additions and clarifications:

Sunday 9th
Living Market
Opening meal and reading of Pontifex
Jud Charlton’s Conspiracy show

Monday 10th
Improvisation workshop

Tuesday 11th
Ian Potter presents Sticky Ectoplasm 7.30, Meme


Wednesday 12th
Peter Halligan lectures on The Pool of Life, The School of Language, Music Dream and Pun, and the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool. Followed by a round table discussion with Peter, Chris Bernard, Lawrence Sidurczuk and Gregory Scott-Gurner.

Thursday 13th
Dana Andersen (Die Nasty, Edmonton Alberta): Long form improvisation masterclass.
Transition Private View. Art show by the original community of the 491 gallery, Leytonstone.
Live music and spoken word at Mellomello.

Friday 14th
Dana Andersen masterclass.
Ken Campbell’s School of Night, 7pm, Mellomello
Fellow Voyager by PAC, Wolstenholme Project, 8pm
Benefit Party at Mellomello, in aid of heating for the building.

Saturday 15th
2008 minute Improvised Marathon: Liverpool Oh, Wait! Directed by Dana Andersen in association with Ken Campbell’s School of Night. At the Kazimier, Wolstenholme Square, from 1pm.

Sunday 16th
Improvised Marathon ends at 10.28 pm
Living Market

Monday 17th
Film Night, including a showing of the film of Ken Campbell’s Roadshow at Kirkby, 1971

Tuesday 18th
Oddyssey for the Stone – recreating Sean Halligan’s journey to Switzerland to find the Jung stone.

Wednesday 19th
Metafex Dinner with readings from Pontifex and Illuminatus

Thursday 20th
Jeff Merrifield lectures on Damanhur

Friday 21st
Improvised version of “The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward”

Saturday 22nd
“It’s A Thought Crime” Cabaret at the Kazimier

Sunday 23rd
Living Market
Ken Campbell Tribute Show, Liverpool Everyman Theatre, 2pm
Closing Party, Mellomello.