Tall Ships in Liverpool June 16/17 2007


From liverpool08

Taking place on 16 and 17 June, 11.00 – 17.00,
Wellington Dock and Canada Dock (Central Docks) is a celebration of Liverpool’s rich maritime history, playing host to a fleet of majestic Tall Ships.

The star attraction will be one of the world’s biggest Tall Ships – the Dar Mlodziezy from Poland. This magnificent vessel will be open to explore at Wellington Dock, along with Ruth (Sweden), Jeanie Johnson and Asgard 11 (Ireland), Tenacious, Next Wave, and Stavros S Niarchos (all from the UK). And down at Canada Dock, HMS Albion, one of the navy’s biggest vessels will be docked.

And if the kids are fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, this event will keep them entertained all weekend. There’s the chance to meet the infamous Captain Rollick & Bilge and jump aboard the Tall Ships with our crew of motley pirates. The best dressed pirate will win a Nintendo Wii and a Pirates of the Caribbean game* and all visitors arriving in pirate costume will receive a special free pirate’s eye patch and balloon.

*please note competition runs on Saturday 16 June only.

A children’s zone including an inflatable village, art workshops and heritage vehicles will also be open free of charge and for country music fans there’s a fantastic programme of live entertainment.

Free bus services will be in operation throughout the weekend (10.45 to 17.30), departing approximately every 15 minutes from:

* Paradise Street Interchange
* Wellington Dock
* Canada Dock (from 12.30pm)


  1. Could you please tell me what time the tall ships are sailing from Liverpool on sunday

  2. I don’t have that information I’m afraid. They are open to the public until 17.00 on Sunday so it may be that evening or maybe Monday morning.

  3. The free bus service that takes you from Paradise Sreet Interchange to the docks. Is it also free to take me back to Paradise Street

  4. Not entirely clear is it? But I think it must be. Its says a free bus service from Paradise St, Wellington Dock and Canada dock so presumably if its going from the Canada Dock that will be returning to Paradise St.

  5. I don’t think there’s a dedicated car park. You are encouraged to park + ride. Its near Sandhills station and I think there’s normally on-road parking space.
    Try calling the 08 place on 0151 233 2008

  6. I am part of the Bentley Operatic Society (Liverpool’s only Gilbert & Sullivan Society) and in 2008 we are performing the Pirates of Penzance.

    The Society wondered if (and how) they might be able to contribute to the Tall Ships festival by singing excerpts from the show. (Excerpts from HMS Pinafore is another possibility.)

  7. apparently the ship from the pirates of the carabian is coming into the liverpool dock this saturday!


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