Talk on Bauhaus at JMU

At JMU Art and Design Academy, Duckinfield St, Liverpool.
There will be a Bauhaus talk to be delivered by Professor Doug Clelland on Thursday 19th March 2009 in the main lecture theatre at 12.30 pm. All are welcome.

‘The Bauhaus is acknowledged as having been one of the great schools of Art and Design. This talk will work backwards from today, by way of some European landmark schools of Art and Design, to engage with the mission and strategic achievements of the Bauhaus itself. The talk will conclude with a return to today, posing some questions about the strategic challenges facing a contemporary school of Art and Design’.

Doug Clelland has been Herbert J Rowse Professor of Architecture and Urban Design since 1994, contributing to the sustained growth and focus of the Department. He has taught since 1972 in Britain, North America and Europe and has published over 60 pieces of research. As a practising architect, the work he has undertaken, leading a variety of design teams, has received design awards in Canada, Denmark, Germany and the UK, and the output is widely published. He continues research into the ‘cultural genetics’ of cities, while concentrating his work in practice on zero-carbon buildings.