Take Part in Arts Council Latest Consultation Exercise

If you’re into this sort of thing (I’m not) there is a consultation exercise going on at the Arts Council England that you can take part in.

There’s lots of info and stuff you can download and put forward your views, questions etc.

I just had a look at the Visual Arts appendix which lists a few very laudable goals, some of which I’ve printed below. They keep stressing collaboration between organisations, something which I think is happening more here in Liverpool recently at least.

The consultation process is running until 14 April 2010. Find out how your responses will help shape our future.

Goal 1…

We want to see more artists and galleries excel within the global context of the contemporary visual arts.
We want new partnerships to emerge between arts organisations and the worlds of business, science, technology and higher education.
We want there to be stronger relationships between the public and commercial sectors to capitalise on the role of small-scale and independent galleries in incubating talent.
We recognise the need for improved access to production and workspace facilities for visual artists.
We want to see an increase in the ambition and scale of high-quality exhibitions in this country. For this to happen we know that Arts
Council-funded visual arts organisations will need to collaborate more, share resources, co-commission and tour exhibitions. We need to help the sector to identify and maximise key opportunities to showcase the best of contemporary art such as that offered by the Cultural Olympiad.
We want to support the careers of England’s artists by encouraging the development of public collections and the habit of collecting art among the wider public. We want to see our contemporary art organisations working with the museums sector to unlock the creative potential of England’s historic collections.