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Hidden Art Gems Publication
Celebrating the stories of Liverpool’s independent and artist-led art scene

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We are a group of artists, writers and graphic designers and we are set to translate the spoken stories of Liverpool’s independent and artist-led art scene into something you can hold in your hand. We are recording information in all forms, and we want to celebrate it with you in a free newspaper to be launched in Liverpool in July 2016.

Liverpool is home to a great wealth of independent and artist-led studios, galleries, collectives, spaces, and organisations. For some, these people and places are part of daily life, within an underground network of established groups and new initiatives. All are woven together by the lives and ideas of their creators. In the city’s art spaces, stories from the past hang in the air, coming to rest in memories and anecdotes passed on to the fortunate few.

With a little help from the curious minds of our city, we can let these spaces find their voice, preserve those anecdotes and share the hidden gems of Liverpool’s creative community.

What We Need & What You Get
We need funding for printing costs. That’s it. We want to print 5,000 papers which will be distributed for free across the city.

In supporting our campaign you can call yourself part of our team. There’s just not enough representation for the artistic wonders that Liverpool offers. We can change this with your help. You’ll not only get the proud, good feel factor but you should also check out the fantastic rewards that we’re offering in return for your support.

The Impact
We’re proud to be offering you a project to support which is low risk and high impact. Once it is made, a publication can last forever; an online only approach is just not good enough for us. We want to bombard the streets of Liverpool with our paper, as well as offering a downloadable version that will be accessible via Art in Liverpool.

Our project will be wide reaching and long lasting. Our paper is for everyone: the general public, art enthusiasts and artists alike. We will be launching the publication with a fun and free Launch Party in July during the high profile Liverpool Biennial: Festival of Contemporary Art which attracts thousands of visitors to our city, and we want to take this opportunity to offer those visitors a piece of Liverpool’s independent art scene to take away with them.

We are an experienced bunch of artists, writers, graphic designers and general artistic organisers. We met though the new Liverpool Artists’ Network and we are ourselves part of the independent artist-led scene that our publication represents, having a unique insight into the artistic people and spaces within our city.

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