Stuckist Turner Prize Demo Apology

Well, the Stuckists are always good for a laugh if nothing else and have sent us a couple of press releases. I’m still wondering why we were not invited to the award ceremony!


Press release 30.11.07

Issued by Charles Thomson, Co-founder, The Stuckists

For the first time since 2000 there will not be a Stuckist demonstration at the Turner Prize. This is due to industrial action: the Stuckists are coming out on strike in protest at the lameness of this year’s show, which does not merit the accolade of the traditional demo.

We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.

Paul Myners, Tate Chairman, thanked us in person at last year’s demo for giving the Tate extra publicity. If he expects the benefit of our presence, then he will have to do better than just recycling previous nominees, who only deserve one demo at the outside.

Grayson Perry has observed that we “lend a festive air to the queue to get in