Strawberry Saturday at Albert Dock

strawberry-1.jpg strawberry-3.jpg

Went to Albert Dock quite early on Saturday. The Beatles Story already had a long queue outside so I still haven’t been round the place, we just had a quick look in the shop.
We could smell strawberries, this was because Saturday Feb 17 2007 is, of course, Strawberry Fields day, 40 years since the Beatles song was released.

So there’s a Strawberry theme at the Dock all day, we collected some stickers and badges (you know how much we love badges)

strawberry-2.jpgWe had another look at the ‘Site’ art space being managed by JMU Art School. The large inflatable artwork is really drawing in the crowds, they’ve had about 500 visitors each of the first few days and I’m sure it will be more than that this weekend.
Only problem is the young kids think its a bouncy castle – it isn’t.
Its open Wed – Sun 10-16.00

Had a quick look in the Tate shop and bought a card with an old picture of the Jackson 5, I don’t know why!
There was free face-painting in the Colonnades and Mrs J couldn’t resist but fortunately limited it to a strawberry painted on the hand.

Then a Strawberry Cocktail with a bowl of strawberries from Baby Cream. They were donating £1 from the sale of each cocktail to the Salvation Army (another Strawberry Fields link you see).
That cocktail was possibly a bit strong for a Saturday lunchtime but very nice.

There were three guys on stilts entertaining the visitors. The Albert Dock can be great on a good sunny weekend when there’s lots going on and the families are crowding in but quite bleak on a quiet wet Monday. I like both extremes though.

The Albert Dock
The Beatles Story
Baby Cream
Tate Liverpool