Steve Gent (Genius) at 34A Slater Street

steve-gent-static-1.jpg steve-gent-static-2.jpg

Steve Gent is a genius.
Seriously, an absolute bloody genius. My star of the Biennial.

Someone should give him shed-loads of money to exhibit in a capital city. More people should see this guys work.
Everything he does is just so, well, nice, tasteful and always so beautifully presented. His work looks simple but so much thought and care goes into the making and display of it.

And so prolific and diverse too. This is a solo exhibition of his paintings created by pouring bitumen onto vinyl or perspex which has a small electrical current running through it. Hence the title ‘Static’. The electricity forces the liquid to move in random directions creating these delicate patterns.

Most of these works were created in the past few days. In October Steve shared the space with Ayane for another beautiful exhibition of Japanese influenced art and calligraphy.
He also currently has work in 52 Roscoe Street and has been involved in producing the graphics for the Art Organisation’s venues as well as repairing and redecorating this gallery and invigilating his own exhibitions.

Go to this exhibition but more importantly get to see as many of his exhibitions as you can.


‘Static’ by Steve Gent at 34A Slater Street until November 25 2006