St Nick’s Church – ‘Look Sea’

imageLook Sea – the oceans : the river : the port : the pool, by Christine Wilcox-Baker. 11 – 30 November 2008
Liverpool Parish Church – Our Lady and Saint Nicholas

A celebratory Art installation for ‘Liverpool European Capital of Culture 08’. This work is the outcome of an artist’s voyage of discovery through the hidden world of today’s Port of Liverpool

The exhibition runs from 11th – 30th November 2008
Opening times:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 10.00am – 12.30pm
Liverpool Parish Church – Our Lady and Saint Nicholas,
Old Church Yard, Liverpool L2 8TZ (opposite the Liver Building)
Telephone: 0151 236 5287 Website for directions:


Unseen, almost hidden, there is a special world, a unique community, connecting the Port of Liverpool, through trade and communication, to the city and the rest of the world. Invisible to most people, 24 hours a day the port is seamlessly operating. Who are these special people with traditions going back hundreds of years that make it all happen? Through the medium of a major new artwork the community of the sea are being brought to the City of Culture.

Artist and designer Christine Wilcox-Baker was commissioned by Liverpool Parish Church ‘The Sailors’ Church’ to produce this work to contribute to their ‘Capital of Culture’ celebrations. The result is a celebration of her voyage around the port and its environs. ‘Look Sea’ brings an artists eye to the people whose lives focus on the sea – from sailors to stevedores, pilots to port workers, coastguards to cargo crews.

 “The outcome has been informed by my research, meeting, observing and talking to those involved. This is a very special community and I have been struck by the ‘colour’ of the port in terms both of colourful characters and the colours of the cranes, containers, buoys and of course ships. My aim has been to give a flavour of my discoveries”.


The main installation consists of a sea of rope and storytelling ‘flags’ which take the shape of the ubiquitous container as their starting point. It draws on the individual elements and how they link up to make a working port – how the ‘systems’ work and how these people are operating every day, many hidden from general view. The work will inspire visitors to think differently about the value of the sea and what it gives to them and also highlight the contribution made by those working with it. Without these people, the sea and the great oceans of the north, life would be very different and we should value and give thanks to them.

Liverpool Parish Church (Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas) is familiarly known as ‘St Nick’s’ and also as ‘The Sailor’s Church’. Worship has taken place on this site for over 750 years, since the days when sailors would pray at the small stone chapel of St Mary del Key. The current church, which contains a number of memorials to Sailors and retains strong links with the Maritime and Naval community, was rebuilt in 1949 – 52 following damage sustained during the Second World War.

St Nick’s has an ‘open door’ policy and the aim for the exhibition is to attract people from all walks of life to the building. They can then see what a special place it is and how it can be visited any day and for a variety of reasons, not only for Church services. “We are delighted with the outcome of this project and invite everyone to join in our celebration. We are indebted to Peel Ports and many other people and organisations for their support in helping to make this artwork possible” enthused David Brazendale, Cultural events co-ordinator for St Nick’s.

Photographic and written documentation completes the picture and takes the form of an introduction placed in the entrance hall. Sympathetic to the Church interior, the installation will be in place from 11th – 30th November 2008.


A self-employed professional artist with a practice focused on valuing and reconnecting with nature and heritage. Her work takes the form of site responsive/site specific installations, photography & documentation, painting and mixed media.

A key part of her practice is in engaging with and running workshops with, general public, special needs and employee groups in order to encourage integration.

Methodology includes encouraging efficient use of natural resources in order to inspire man’s reconnection with nature and to realise the value of our planet.

This exhibition has been made possible with the support of many companies and organisations active in the Port of Liverpool
Prime Sponsor : Peel Ports