St Nick’s Artist Residencies

tabitha-moses-stnicks.jpg kevin-hunt-stnicks.jpg
We called into St. Nicholas church the other day to look at the outcomes of the recent artists residencies.

julie-jones-stnicks.jpgI think its probably a good idea to read the information and artist statements on the dying frog website beforehand.
Also, Julie Jones kept a diary of her progress on her blog.

Three artists: Julie Jones, Tabitha Moses and Kevin Hunt, have each spent two weeks working at St. Nick’s making artwork in response to the Church and the surrounding environment.

The church is situated near the Royal Liver Building at the Pier Head, at the bottom of Chapel Street. Further information about “St. Nick’s” can be found on the church’s website.

The artwork is fine but have to say I don’t like this church much. Well I’m not a churchy person at all but usually I quite like the buildings but I’m always in a hurry to get out of this one.

At St Nicks until November 26th 2006