St Helens Landmark Artwork Unveiled

Jaume-Plensa-Dream.jpgJaume Plensa Dream Concept Model

The model of the spectacular new landmark artwork chosen by a group of local ex-miners has just been unveiled. It is commissioned by St.Helens Council as part of The Big Art Project, an ambitious public art initiative from Channel 4 supported by Arts Council England and The Art Fund.

Titled Dream, the 20 metres high sculpture by internationally renowned artist Jaume Plensa is to be sited on top of the former Sutton Manor Colliery, overlooking the M62.The work is intended to become a gateway feature for both Merseyside and Greater Manchester at the heart of the Northwest, and to symbolise the remarkable regeneration of the whole region.

Dream takes the form of the head of a girl with eyes closed, seemingly in a dream-like state. It is the artist’s response to the brief and to subsequent conversations with the ex-miners and members of the wider local community who wanted a piece that looked to a brighter future and created a beautiful and contemplative space for future generations, not least their own grandchildren, at the top of the former spoil heap. It is to be fabricated in pre-cast concrete, with a white, almost luminescent finish using a white marble/concrete aggregate mix in marked contrast to the black of the coal that still lies below. It will launch, subject to planning permission and project progress, in late 2008.

Full details on the 4 Big Art Website


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