Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Special Bouquet For a Lucky Mum

mum-day-1.jpgThings are a bit out of sequence here. Its Red Nose day today, St Patrick’s tomorrow and Mother’s day on Sunday but we had to get this photo shoot this morning.

Pictured here is Senior Horticultural Officer Dave Kelly presenting a splendid bouquet to Sheindel Cohen who will then give it to her Mother, Margaret on Sunday.

The Culture Company ran a competition to promote the Fragrant project, where the history of Liverpool’s Botanical Collection is being captured in a fascinating book. Memories and photographs are being collected right now by artist Jyll Bradley, and the competition resulted in people coming forward with what they remember, to help with the project.

Sheindel Cohen who won the competition for her Mother, said: “My Mum deserves something special and out of the ordinary. When I saw this competition I knew that this would be perfect.