Sound City at 08 Place


Sound City
A unique “soundscape” of Liverpool, a city in transition, has been recorded and edited by a group of young people, capturing the soul of our city in sound.

They have worked in equal collaboration with a sonic artist, an acoustic ecologist and a performance poet to record and document the sounds that most of us allow to wash over us almost unnoticed.

The work will be presented to the public in an innovative Surround-Sound experience at the Liverpool Culture Company’s “08 Place” in Whitechapel. The exhibition will run from Saturday 10 December until Monday 19 December.

The project has introduced young people to the concept of listening more closely to the everyday sounds that we generally take for granted whilst teaching them the skills and processes of editing and recording.

The participants wandered the inner-city streets of Liverpool, capturing the city’s sounds and conversations using a range of equipment from boom mikes to dictaphones


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