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Solid Futures Celebrates Success


Solid Futures Celebrates Success

The success of the Solid Futures arts project will be celebrated at a conference and exhibition to be held at Aintree Racecourse on Monday, 26 February, 2007.

Solid Futures engages with people living in areas undergoing housing market renewal and uses creative approaches to explore complex and sometimes controversial issues. The project has involved people living in priority housing market renewal areas of Liverpool, Tranmere and Sefton.

The conference and exhibition is the culmination of two years work with residents. Over 30 community arts workshops have taken place so far, and artists-in-residence have worked intensely with local people in Liverpool and Wirral. The Liverpool project was featured in the Independents Biennial, attracting over 600 visitors, and a new arts base has just been launched in Sefton.

Finished art work has been exhibited at a range of venues, displayed as banners along major roads and been used to improve the appearance of empty homes awaiting demolition.

Solid Futures provides a creative way for people of all ages to get involved in the regeneration of their neighbourhoods, celebrating local history and aspirations for the future.

Sonia Bassey, Project Manager for Solid Futures, told us: “Throughout the life of the project we have engaged with nearly 1,200 people, bringing together individuals with different views and ideas in a relaxed and creative environment. The conference and exhibition at Aintree Race Course is an opportunity for us to celebrate our achievements to date and to share
what we’ve learned with others who are interested in arts, neighbourhoods and regeneration.