Skyladders – Yoko Ono at St Lukes

yoko-ono-ladders-100.jpgPlease, please donate more stepladders, the installation was looking very sparse and sad last time I looked.

Hopefully over the weeks it will grow but there were only a dozen when I was there, greatly overshadowed by the architecture and the various Urban Strawberry Lunch paraphernalia. Hardly a ‘forest’


Yoko Ono invites you to donate a step ladder for inclusion in a new work for Liverpool Biennial’s MADE UP exhibition. Over the ten weeks of the Biennial, with your help, a forest of ladders will grow inside St. Luke’s Church. Liverpool Skyladders invites us all to find space for dreams and the imagination under the open skies.

(Sky)ladders, big and small, metal and wooden, new and old, can be delivered to

USL St. Luke’s Church, Leece Street/Berry Street, Liverpool
Monday to Sunday between 10am and 5pm


Following the Biennial, the artwork will be donated to charity.

For further information or to promise a (sky)ladder please contact