Shankly and Ladytron


Just a reminder that we do sometimes get to non-gallery events.

On Tuesday, Ladytron played a warm-up gig before their world tour and release of their new album, Velocifero. That was fun and our first visit to the New(ish) Picket in Jordan Street. I’m sure we’ll be back again.

Also, last week we saw the Shankly Show at the Olympia in West Derby road. I’m not so sure we’ll be going back there again, my knees are still sore as there’s no leg room, the steps are uneven and often hidden, it took about 20 minutes to exit the building at the end and I spent the whole of the interval queuing for the inadequate toilets. I was just pleased we were not on the ground floor sitting at cabaret style tables with our backs to the stage! – whoever came up with that idea?

The show was very good though. Well written and acted, lots of the famous Bill Shankly quotes and anecdotes. It was a one-man show written by Andrew Sherlock with Alexander West playing the part of the former Liverpool FC manager on a set recreating the famous ‘boot room’ at Anfield.


There was good feedback from the audience with spontaneous applause and even chants. Of course we all joined in with ‘You’ll never walk alone’ at the end.

I hope this show gets a longer run sometime, I’m sure it would sell out a few times over.