Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell MP, supports Dooley day at The Florrie

Arthur Dooley statue, image credit: The Florrie


Shadow Chancellor boost for Arthur celebration

The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell MP, has been revealed as the mystery benefactor behind the loan of a number of original Arthur Dooley works for this year’s DOOLEYDAY at The Florrie.

Explaining why he’s made the loan, Mr McDonnell said:

“Arthur Dooley was a great Scouse artist with a social conscience that motivated him to support his local community and working people. He deserves greater recognition and that’s why Dooley Day and this exhibition is so important in bringing his work to more people. I became worried that as time went by we would lose some of his work. I have collected pieces of Arthur’s work so that they can be seen by members of the public and especially Merseysiders.”

Anne Lundon, Florrie CEO, said: “We can’t thank John enough for his generosity. This Dooleyday is going to be extraordinary, with John’s collection at the heart of it. What a way to celebrate one of the city’s greatest sons. We’ve got films, talks, and the unveiling of a special Dooley maquette that will be in The Florrie for the next year.”

‘Dooleyday’ at The Florrie, 3-9pm, Wed 17th January, £3 entry

Call main switch board on 0151 728 2323.

Address: The Florrie, 377 Mill Street, Liverpool L8 , follow: @theflorrie