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The Royal Standard: Crownfunding to build a new workshop, library and project space

They want to do this by making their resources more accessible, and by creating new ones that are missing in the city.

This includes expanding workshop facilities to ensure that artists can continue to make work, whilst providing a space for them to share their skills with others. Continuing development of a project space which can be used by studio members and visiting artists to TRS. This will offer a testing ground for experimental projects, research-rich events and symposiums.


As an artist-led space, TRS has a large amount of books, magazines and research materials that could be made available to the public. TRS library would house an archive of historical publications, books and magazines that would continue to grow and expand over time.

Places like TRS are becoming increasingly vital in a climate where artist-led initiatives are becoming harder and harder to sustain. As a resource and platform for artist development in the city, TRS provides a place for creativity to flourish, expand and contribute to Liverpool’s cultural importance.

We are keen to continue our growth and remain at the heart of Liverpool’s vibrant artistic landscape. Your contribution will help us make sure that TRS remains a creative resource that is open to the public, and free to all.

For the full details on TRS’s crowdfunding effort and to support their project, see here: