Royal Liverpool Hospital to receive Art Donation

photo_emergency_auction_200.jpg‘Transvoyeur Legacy’, Contemporary Art on Display, Emergency Department at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool, England.
Written by Victoria Samantha Smith.
Photograph by Tony Knox.
09 July 2007.

‘Transvoyeur Legacy’ is a diverse collection of contemporary art work from established professional artists to be donated to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital by Transvoyeur..

This is to impart a ‘Legacy’ to the city and the hospital prior to the European Capital of Culture 2008. To be part of the hospital’s permanent collection on display for future generations.

The objective was to work with the frontline of the National Health Service in terms of the Emergency Department with those professionals and department that support the infrastructure of the city’s health and wellbeing in terms of forging a relationship between arts and health. The concept was posed by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney to the arts collective Transvoyeur and extended to other likeminded artists whom have contributed.

The initial launch of the project was to raise the profile of the Emergency Department and the exceptional work they do combined with a fund raiser to which local, national and international artists donated work. The fund raised about £2000.00 that went direct to the Emergency Department for a wish list of equipment. Time and resources of Transvoyeur and associate parties were provided free to enable the event to happen.

The final stage is to bestow the collection of art to improve the experience of the public spaces and the medical environment, which are generally not so, due to circumstances members of the public needing to be there.


Tony Knox, former Freelance Curator to the A Foundation, Egg Space Gallery and Podgy Curatorial Initiatives is the assigned Curator to ‘Transvoyeur Legacy’.

The various stages of this overall project between Transvoyeur and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital have been supported by the View Two Gallery, Rennies Art Supplies, C3 Imaging Ltd, South Bohemia Gallery, BBC Radio Merseyside, Art in Liverpool and local press. The value of the art donated is estimated in the thousands.

The date will be announced on the presentation of the art for the Emergency Department at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

The professional artists who have kindly donated to this project are: Pete Clarke, Alex Corina, Rob Davies, Colin Davis, Jo Derbyshire, Daiva Gauryte, Tracey Hill, Jason Jones, Tony Knox, Laura Lian, George Lund, Richard Meaghan, Janet Monogue, Neil Morris, Ken O’Hare, Patrick O’Rourke, Rachel Pearson, Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, Nick Sykes, Cath Wilson, Dave Woods, Allan Worswick and many others.

This initiative has been formed by Peter Burdett-Smith (Clinical Director) from the Emergency Department, supporting staff, artists from Transvoyeur and other like-minded creative professionals from the UK and abroad.