‘Round One Way’ at 11 Wolstenholme Square

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I really should have posted this earlier, this exhibition finishes tomorrow (Sunday Oct 1st).
11 Wolstenholme Sq is one of the derelict-building-now-art-spaces run by The Art Organisation during the Biennial.

Known as The RE-Evolutionary Gallery, this postgraduate focused project is aimed at shattering the confines of the educational environment by encouraging new artists to tackle inspiration head on and manifest a new reality from dereliction. With three scheduled exhibitions, expect the roofless to the skyscraping.

The first of a series of short shows co-curated by Jamie Torode and Gordon Culshaw is ‘Round One Way’
. There is some really good stuff in there, sadly I didn’t take notes so can’t identify the artists associated with these pictures I took except of course John O’Hare’s brightly painted furniture which now has more of a Patrick Caulfield influence.
I really enjoyed the cityscape made from old computer hardware and the room on the top floor with black sculptures and a black painting that makes noises.

The artists: adrian pritchard, ailie rutherford, Alan Williams, amanda ferguson, amanda newall, amelia crouch, clare chambers, johann stafford, john o’hare, kaye martindale, martin clark, Michael Whitby, paul matosic, rebecca davy, Richard Proffitt, Richard Whitby, rob delisle, rosie clarke, sarah lawton, sue massey.

Round One Way at 11 Wolstenholme Square September 15 to October 1 2006
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