‘Rom-ants is in the Air’ (groan)

leaf-cutter-ant.jpgWell I know NML are desperate to raise money but this going too far surely!

Have I signed up?
Of course! Am I a romantic or a sucker?
Both – probably.

World Museum Liverpool has found the perfect solution for those looking for an unusual gift this Valentine’s Day. What more could your loved-one want than their very own leaf cutter ant?!

Everyday the busy army of ants march across a tightrope carrying leaves to their colony. As a romantic treat for Valentines Day the ants will replace their normal leaves with red rose petals.

For just £5 you can name a leaf-cutter ant after your other half and help contribute towards a bigger home for World Museum Liverpool’s leaf cutter-ant colony. Ant appeal supporters also receive a special supporter’s certificate and an invitation to attend an exclusive guided tour of the Bug House when the new colony opens.

To find out more about World Museum Liverpool’s ant appeal please visit www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/antappeal