Review of He Yun Chang ‘Works’

HYC11.jpgWorks’ by He Yun Chang at 2 Jordan Street
Review by Jo Raven

He Yun Chang is a solo performance artist presently working in China. Currently on display and spanning two sites at Jordan Street Liverpool and Spacex Gallery Exeter, is his first solo exhibition showcasing video and photographic documentation of his temporary performance works executed over the past 11 years.

The majority of these works were performed in public and required both physical and mental strength and endurance. Casting 2004 involved that artist encasing himself for 24 hours in a concrete block, while Eye Sight Test 2003 entailed the artist staring directly at 10, 000 watts of electric light for 60 minutes and in his piece Wrestle One and One hundred in 2001 he wrestled 100 opponents in 66 minutes.

He Yun Chang is also currently undertaking a live performance which will run from September – December 2006 entitled Touring Great Britain with Rock. The artist has selected a rock from the village ‘Rock’ on the Northumberland Coast and will be carrying it 3000 miles around Great Britain in a counter clockwise direction returning the rock to its original location. This route is expected to take approximately 120 days and is due in Liverpool towards the end of October, early November.

This exhibition is well worth a visit to experience the diverse and unique challenges undertaken by an extraordinary artist.