Return of the 50-foot spider – Video

Picture by Ian Serfontein

Illuminations | Programme and Film Production, London, UK | Return of the 50-foot spider

From Illuminations Blog. There’s a film about the Spider on Sky Arts on Christmas Day (I don’t have Sky)

When we last saw the giant spider, it was retreating into the Mersey Tunnel. Phil Redmond, once of Brookside and now with the Liverpool Culture Company, reckons that it’s gone back to living down there. But in early September (see here, here, here and here) it wandered around the city during four magical days — and now we’ve finished our 50-minute film about this great public art project from La Machine and Artichoke. Spider in the City: La Machine in LiverpoolSky Arts across the holidays, including on Sky Arts 1 on Christmas Day at 7pm (it’s somehow appropriate that this is just after BBC One’s Dr Who).