Reminder: TAXED No. 10 – Skillmarket

afoundation-logo-100Reminder from Emily Speed to sign up for TAXED No.10 – Skillmarket by Friday so they can best match everyone’s skills!

The day will be split into four sessions, you would be giving a skill (one on one) during one session and receiving a skill during another. In between there will be free tea, coffee, cake and networking. Skill giving should last between 30 – 45 minutes.

There will also be some drop-in sessions throughout the afternoon for small groups including performance/presentation skills for talks and Susan Jones (director of programmes at a-n magazine) will be doing several sessions on negotiating rates and good exhibition practice. She’s bringing a load of their mags and things too!

TAXED no 10. Skillmarket will take place at A Foundation from 12 – 4pm on Saturday 24th April.


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