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Register Now for Biennial Independents

The new website for the Liverpool Biennial Independents is now live.

Artists who intend to exhibit in the Liverpool area as part of the Independents need to REGISTER now.
The Liverpool Biennial runs from 20 September to 30 November 2008

Go to
and ‘Create an Account’

After creating your account you will be able to INPUT Artist, Event and Venue Details.

NOTE that the Independents Board are not involved in funding of artists or exhibitions and we do not administer venues. The artists, curators and gallerists do this Independently.

The Independents intend to produce a catalogue / guide before the start of the Biennial (which runs 20 Sept – 30 Nov 2008).

The schedule is very tight so the deadline for all details, images, text etc. is 7th AUGUST

The procedure for submitting details is quite straightforward.
Please refer any problems or questions concerning the website to

Don’t Delay – Sign up now

The Independent strand of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art.
The art world equivalent of a festival fringe the Independents mix of exhibitions, live art, performances, interventions and happenings which emerge and spread across the city into every available space.
The Independents are not themed, categorised or curated by the City’s institutions, they exist on their own terms, doing their own thing, looking for attention, dialogue and interaction.