Realms and Realities at Gostins

dick-young-3.jpgLis Edgar, the proprietor of Gostins gallery was a close friend of the late Richard (Dick) Young and collected several of his artworks as well as sketches, books and even paintbrushes.

Now most of these items are up for sale, a rare chance to purchase works by the popular Liverpool artist. The gallery is actually part of Lis’s Collage shop on the first floor of the Gostins arcade, with paintings hanging in the adjacent corridor and also in the next-door cafe.

dick-young-2.jpg dick-young-1.jpgThe paintings in the cafe are all by John O’Neill, another popular local artist who paints Liverpool life in all its colourful, larger than life attitude alongside the more peaceful but still vibrant views of Sefton Park and its Palm House.

There was a Dick Young retrospective at Cornerstone quite recently, his paintings and drawings also capture Liverpool but not today’s regenerated version, rather the more bohemian scene of 30 or 40 years ago.
Don’t miss the collected items in the display cabinet inside the shop, some cool sketches.

Realms and Realities
Gostins Gallery
19.09.2008 – 29.11.2008