Raw Roar Rare – Performance Festival at the Bluecoat

Performer: Keith Hennessy, Photograph: Yi-Chun Wu

Raw Roar Rare.

RAW ROAR RARE – a critical dialogue for artists and audience
is a 5-day performance festival hosted by Liverpool Improvisation Collective and associate artists at the Bluecoat in Liverpool.
At the heart of this innovative hybrid event that is part-performance festival part-conference part workshop is the idea of creating a dynamic space for dialogue between artists and audience to happen.

Many exciting events are open to general public. For schedule of events please click here.

Date: November 10th-14th, 2010
Location: The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool

Two core groups have been invited to participate by working closely together: a ‘core artist group’ and a ‘core audience group’.
Core artists have been invited from the NW, nationally and internationally, and are working across a range of media including dance, improvisation, music, theatre design and directing, film/video and live art.
Core audience, invited primarily from Liverpool, will include a cross-section of students and academics in HE performing arts departments, fellow performance makers, and also non-professionals, or general enthusiasts. As the artists investigate their own lines of enquiry within both practical and discursive frameworks the core audience group will be formulating new ways of responding to and reflecting on the work presented. In addition, collaboration between artists and core audience will generate responses to performances from guest artists whose work will be featured as part of the festival.

Facilitating the process will be San Francisco based artist Keith Hennessy. Working across the fields of dance, theatre and performance, Keith is a renowned ‘agent provocateur’ stimulating debate and bringing social concerns into artistic practice.


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