Ran Footwear Shop features Local Artists

ran-image-1Art for kicks
Mosquito Inc artists swarm into trainer, rare footwear and clothing shop, Ran, for illustration, design and print exhibition.

Trainer and rare footwear shop, Ran, on Bold Street is playing host to some of Liverpool’s finest artists, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers in an ongoing exhibition run by artist agency Mosquito Inc.

The exhibition is part of a series of events organised by Mosquito Inc director, Dawn Braithwaite, to promote the agency’s artists on their home turf. ‘Our artists have been involved in some terrific projects recently,’ said Dawn.

‘This exhibition gives each of them the chance to showcase some of that work – we’ll be rotating the exhibition regularly so there’ll always be something new to see.’

‘We’re really pleased to have the Mosquito artists’ work in our store,’ said Paddy, manager at Ran. The work suits our brand, appeals to our customers and is fresh and exciting – we’re looking forward to seeing the exhibition evolve as the artists update the canvases and prints.’

Work on show in the first exhibition includes prints by Sophie and Mike, canvases by David and prints of record covers by Mark.

Ran is open from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday, visit www.ranshop.co.uk or www.mosquitoinc.co.uk for more details.