Quiescence by McCoy Wynne

quiescence-100.jpgQuiescence by McCoy Wynne. 7 – 12 October 2008 at 11 Wolstenholme Sq.
Photographic exhibition of quiescent places awaiting their planned regeneration.The exhibition is a collaboration of photographers Steve McCoy and Stephanie Wynne.

A very nice exhibition indeed, I was delighted to see the large images, unmounted and unframed. You can appreciate the photography much better that way. Great use of light and colour makes for a more uplifting view what could be really gloomy subject matter.
There’s a book too.
The exhibition closes on Sunday 12 October, there’s another chance to meet the artists then.


Over the past 5 years they have responded to buildings and environments that are about to undergo a change of use.

The photographs depict the subjects during a period of stasis, after one use has ceased and before the next begins. They are not images of abandonment or dereliction but a document of calm hiatus before the clamour of redevelopment begins. Evidence of former occupations remain but also traces of present occupation, an appropriation of the space by birds and plants.

The spaces, both internal and external, have a future use outlined for them and most were photographed just before the moment of change and redevelopment when they were transformed to meet new needs.

The venue in which the work is displayed was also a dormant space and has been transformed into a temporary gallery by The Art Organisation. This group is dedicated to utilising empty space within cities.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a sonic experience composed by international sound artist Kumo. Half heard distant sounds were apparent as the spaces were photographed and the photographers commissioned Kumo to produce a piece in response to the images. www.myspace.com/kumosolo

email: stephanie@mccoywynne.co.uk


A book to accompany the exhibition entitled ‘Quiescence’ will be available at the venue and online at


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