Public Artwork – The ‘Footy’ Pitch at Mann Island

priscilla-monge-1.jpgWell it was a nice idea, it looks great in the booklet but the real thing was looking very sad indeed when we had look at the Weekend.
Maybe lack of watering or too many people walking on it, whatever, its all dried and cracked and surrounded by ugly fencing. May as well go to Goodison Park.

Priscilla Monge’s Untitled work is a small but very hilly football pitch at Mann Island opposite the old car showrooms

She delights in upsetting our expectations, making us think about what is and is not acceptable in our society (and about who makes those unspoken rules).
For International 06, she takes the most familiar of settings – a football pitch – and asks: what do we do when the rules are broken and the ground shifts beneath our feet?

My feet were itching to run around the pitch but they’ll have to wait until its repaired and re-opened.